Monday, July 19, 2010

Ripplefold Draperies with Finestra Wood Pole

Ripplefold Draperies on R-Equal Track with Routed Wood Fascia by Finestra.

Ripplefold Draperies offer a very clean, contemporary look to your window treatments.

Simply sew the Rowley ST40/B or ST40/O snap tape to your flat drapery panel and then snap the panels into place on the ripplefold carriers. This creates uniform folds in the panel that flow in and out of the track. This system is good for both residential and commercial treatments alike.

Ripplefold treatments also allow more of the window to show, letting more light into the room due to its tight stack back.

Installation may be made with a ceiling bracket or or wall mount. By using a routed wood fascia, the track can be concealed by using ceiling mount clips (M-392/W) inside the wood fascia to hold the track in place and extending a wall bracket off of the ceiling mount clips to install to the wall.
Decorative hardware is a wonderful way to decorate bare tracking systems and match decor with hand rubbed finishes.

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