Monday, July 30, 2012

Opulent Window Dressing: Modern-Day Lace

Current and upcoming trends in textiles across the fashion industry include one keyword: Texture.  And, the way we are choosing to bring texture into our designs is expanding every day.  One of the most popular forecasted textures in fashion is the adaptation of historical lace designs.

Lace creates opulence within a space or design.  History reminds us of its value and extravagance dating back to Queen Elizabeth in the 16thC. It is important to note that the current trend does not include "vintage" references, but rather, specific historical references from such eras as Rococo, Renaissance, and Baroque.  How we are choosing to adapt them into our designs is left to artistic license.  The above prints by F. Shumacher show entire lace patterns arranged into a detailed graphic print.

Instead of taking entire lace patterns and creating a motif, one of the most beautiful textures comes from an up-close look at the open-work construction of lace design.  The fabrics above are wonderful examples of a suggestive lace motif.  If you look at the fabric print on the left-hand side, it almost appears to be snake skin which creates even more interest and textural appeal.

A more modern pattern of lace is looser in its historical translation and becomes a suggested outline of open-work lace.  These patterns are unlike the traditional soft and delicate feel, but rather, a bold, hard-lined translation often resembling a mosaic.

Outside of prints, layering lace on top of fabrics creates luxurious details. These details are emphasized when hues of gray, copper, and brass are woven into lace for modern-day appeal.

Are you using lace details in your designs?  How do you bring opulence into your space?

Fabric prints by F.Shumacher, Lace trim and overlays by Mariocuccheti Tessuti and Solstiss Lace

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