Thursday, May 10, 2012

High Point Market: Resurgence of Color

Color is beginning to bloom back into our designs this Spring!  Even though hues of gray and burlap continue to appear on our design boards, we are breathing new life into the doldrums of tonal textures. The number one take-away from the Spring High Point Furniture Market: accents of color in Plum and pink.  We were surprised to see so much pink as Honeysuckle was Pantone's color of the year in 2011.  It did appear with a new coral twist and was used mainly as piping on upholstered furniture.  

We would be remiss not to mention this year's color, Tangerine Tango, which was well-represented.  However, plum, lavender, eggplant and every shade in between took center stage in almost every showroom as an accent piece.

In the Fall, we noticed some color mixing of a 70's throw-back, mustard yellow.  It has re-appeared in a brighter form this market and brings life to the neutrals that have become the basis for most of our design work.  Let the sun shine in!

Color was also well-represented in the abundance of hand painted furniture.  Bold graphic prints were mainly used on the individual pieces.  The most unique aspect of the hand painted furniture was adding/adhering a thick woven canvas on top of the wood structure.  Not only did this give it a fabulous texture and depth, it appeared as if it was wrapped in an artist's canvas.  They, themselves, seem to tell a story and would make for great conversation pieces in a any design setting.

Upholstered furniture and decorative nail heads continued as a trend this Spring.  Many of the designs used the burlap fabric motif, but we saw a mixing of brightly colored leathers and appliques into each new design. 

One new upholstered application did catch our eye.  We were intrigued by the use of fabric adhered (without batting) to wood furniture for texture and pattern.  Each fabric patchwork like the design above was outlined with small upholstery nails.  This handmade artisan detail transforms ordinary case goods into extraordinary ones.

Nautical has been around for several seasons as a popular design trend.   Crisp colors of royal and navy blue donned most of the designs, but we saw a cooler aqua and cornflower blue mixed in with deep coral shades.  It is apparent that this trend is here to stay for a while and with good reason.  They, too, bring life to even the most land-locked design and color to the doldrums of tonal textures.  

Texture continues to dominate interior design.  It is amazing that every market brings a new take on how to mix texture into design elements.  We saw new ways to tie off wool and felt to create sculptural pillows and rugs.  Sisal and jute were used as an old texture on new silk drapery panels.  This not only adds texture, but also, creates a malleable design style.  And, notice the Color in the drapery panels above: pink, coral, plum and straw.

We are excited by what we saw in High Point last month!  We cannot wait to see how you interpret and incorporate this Spring's design style into your treatments.  Injecting color into our designs no matter how slight, brings new energy and fuels our passion to add interest and zest into every creation.  

You now have permission to go Plum crazy!

Credits: Surya Rugs, Karen Robertson Nautical line, Guild Master, HP Furniture Market