Monday, May 9, 2011

Burlap and Boas

Burlap used on table linens, ottomans, draperies, chairs, and pillows.

Texture and natural fabrics are an important part of today's interior design.  Juxtaposing coarse or deeply textured objects and fabrics with soft, delicate and luxurious ones creates depth and tactile interest within a room.  Two such textures are Burlap and Boas(feather fringe, that is).

Burlap can come from left over upholstery remnants and even recycled coffee bags or feed bags.  If you wanted to create your own motif with burlap, it is easy to print onto its canvas as well.  Pillows, upholstered chairs, ottomans, table linens, and draperies are perfect accessories where burlap can be used.

Feather Fringe

Feather fringe softens the coarse texture of burlap and is available in many color ways and designs.  Burlap becomes sophisticated with accents of peacock feathers and can also create ties into an avian decor theme.  Whimsical features can be evoked with brightly colored or beaded feather fringe.

Burlap, Black Feather Fringe and Aria Metal Hardware by Finestra, Metal grommets by Rowley

Draperies are one of the most dramatic ways to use burlap and often unexpected.  Lining the header of the drapery with black feather fringe as shown above softens the treatment and adds another dimension to the cross-hatched burlap design.  A third layer of matte black drapery hardware brings a sleek metal texture into the picture and coordinates with the metal grommets and fringe.

Trying new textures and combining them in unusual ways can become the inspiration for any space.

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