Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sun Inspired Interiors

Interior design can center around a season, motif or overall feeling.  The sun is one of those symbols that can be used to inspire a room design or seasonal decor.  How can you let the sun shine through your designs?

One way is to accent the shape of the sun in a fabric or wall covering design.  The cornice fabric design above uses Finestra swirl buttons and starburst buttons to accent the motif.  These accents are also great on pillows, drapery headers and headboards.  This draws the eye to the pattern and accentiates it within a room.

Furnishings such as mirrors in the shape of the sun is a more literal way to use the theme within a space.

Using natural sunlight in your design is a less literal way of including the sun motif.  Sunlight creates bright, crisp and clean lines in a room.  Painting a room white is another technique to bounce the light around the room.  Adding skylights to a room or using sheers for the window coverings also enable the flow of light.

The sun can shine all year around in an interior space by choosing the best combination of colors, accents and natural light!

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