Tuesday, November 16, 2010

'Tis the Season for Winter White

Winter White creates a classic design statement. Winter whites include softened whites, creams, and shades of gray, gold or beige. These warm colors are layered throughout a design to create depth and tonal drama. Woven fabrics, furs, burlaps, washed wood carvings, and distressed accessories are all
examples of this layered color.

Traditional design displays the warm tones of white and creates the warmth and glow within a space. Cooler tones are used for a more contemporary trend and create crisp and distinct design lines. These cooler tones favor the modern color
pallette of gray, silver, and oyster.

Elle Decor

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Honeycomb Pattern: Building Blocks to Modern Design

Floor Covering


The honeycomb design motif has become a modern day marvel in interior design. It stems from the classic bee motif that dates all the way back to Napoleon. Its geometric pattern lends itself well to comtemporary and streamlined design.

Drapery Hardware



Chest: Paul Marra Design, Finial: Finestra Decorative Hardware,
Kravet; Pillow: Photografik

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Metallics in Design

Isabella, Gibbens Ferry and Beauregard Finials from Finestra.

Metallics continue to play an important role in today's design trends. They can offer "Sparkle" and sophistication to any design. Luxe metallics include matte golds, champagne tones, and natural patinas.

Over the past few years these have become the new classics in decorative hardware, furniture, bed linens and lighting.

Chair by Curry & Co.

Light Rings by Beaux-Artes.

Pillows by Carpenter+Company

Metallic Silver finials by Finestra.

Lighting by Metropolitan Lighting

Bronze medallion and finials by Finestra.