Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Designing Custom Carved Drapery Hardware

Luxurious projects call for luxurious details. One way to give your client a truly unique and spectacular design is to use custom, hand-carved drapery hardware.

Regina Kindelberger with Over The Top Designs, Inc. recently had a project of grand scale with spectacular architectural details in an entry room of almost 3,000sq/ft. The large room boasted ceilings of 30ft with huge crown molding and floor to ceiling windows. There were two main obstacles to tackle with the project, its sheer size combined with a challenging installation.

Any standard drapery hardware would be lost in the scale of the room, so she set out for a solution and teamed up with Finestra. After I visited the site, it was clear that this project needed something fantastic!

Every design at Finestra starts with a sketch and is hand carved or sculpted by an artist. After the drawing was approved, our artist hand carved the original piece out of walnut. The dimensions span almost 6ft long and 3ft high!

To get the most value for the original wood carving and mold making, we took 3 more design elements out of the original large plaque. We used the center piece for side panels, and the very center medallion we used as a "napkin ring" tie back that included a ring molded into the back of the medallion that helped hold the fabric in place.

After designing a unique carving for this project, the next challenge was the installation!

Check back for the next Blog Post... Custom Carved Drapery Hardware: The Install

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