Thursday, October 21, 2010

Custom Carved Drapery Hardware: The Install

Grand Designs can create challenging installations especially when you are dealing with these statistics:

30ft ceilings

24" crown molding from window to ceiling

855 yards of Dupioni Silk

48 large tassels

6ft custom carved plaques straight and mitered for corner installation


After designing the beautiful custom plaque and its placement, how was it going to be installed? There was concern of the weight of the plaque along with the 30ft drapes that would hang from them. In addition, the large crown molding was from window to ceiling. Luckily we received permission from the homeowners to be able to install into the crown molding. But, we only had about a 3"space to fit any kind bracket or attachment for securing the massive treatment.


We used 2"D steel plumbing pipe with flanges that attached to the crown molding and protruded 8" off of the wall. Then, we fastened a 1 1/2" steel pipe with flange onto the plaque and slid it into the 2"D pipe coming off of the wall. A hole was drilled through each pipe to insert a bolt through as a set screw and securely fastened with a large nut.

Installation in progress hoisting the 30ft draperies and plaques in place. It took five of us to guide the long panels from the floor to the scaffolding while winding its way up to the top.
Rear entry to pool shown with one side panel installed.

View from second story balcony of the installation in progress. In order to hide the steel pipe used to attach the carved plaques to the wall, Regina made a sleeve out of silk to hide it. The other option would be to hand finish it to match with the fabric or wall trim.

What a fabulous project to be involved in! From start to finish it was an engineering feat to figure out the scale, design and installation of the beautiful carvings! The result is astounding and an inspiration to any designer or manufacturer like Finestra.

Let's have one more glance at the finished product...

Regina Kindelberger, Designer and Workroom
Plaque Design and Manufacturing by Finestra

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