Monday, March 21, 2011

Translating Fashion into Draperies

Inspiration for designing windows can come from anywhere. One of the more relative design inspirations comes from fashion. The way we create movement within the treatment, color, texture, and unique sewing patterns and techniques can all be used in creating window fashion masterpieces.

Did you ever think about a drapery treatment as sculptural? All of these examples shown here are part of an art exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Roberto Capucci: Art into Fashion. These fashion "sculptures" represent contemporary fashion with a"masterful use of color".

The sculptural elements translate into the same design elements we use in drapery creation. Scale, proportion, symmetry, contrast, and balance are all taken into account and how it relates to the space or room.

Imaginative use of color, use of multiple fabrics, and decorative embellishments all aid in not only upscale fashion design, but also, in upscale drapery design.

Drawing inspiration from fashion can facilitate unique upscale designs with extraordinary attention to detail, textural layering, and creative use of color.

Photography by Claudia Primangeli / L.e C. Service

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