Friday, April 8, 2011

Color Me Yellow

Yellow brings optimism, hope, rebirth, and renewal to interior design. Its palette varies from bright canary yellows to marigolds to hollywood golds to butter creams. It can brighten up any space, create drama, and/or bring clean crisp lines to a design. It can be used sparingly as an accent color, or as an entire design template.

The color yellow can also present itself through natural materials and textures. The Natural Bamboo finish by Finestra is one such way that yellow can be introduced into a space representing a "green" element and a textured effect to drapery treatments. This enables upscale depth and dimension within your designs. Fabrics that feature yellow, can add bold accents or subtle tie-ins to the overall design themes. They can be used in contemporary, ultra-modern, or traditional spaces.

Remember: You can brighten, electrify, and polish any design with the color yellow.

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