Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Studded Designs

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Studded Designs are "spiking" up everywhere!  The trend for Hollywood Glam and sparkle to home decor designs continues to be a popular motif.  An easy way to incorporate these "studs"  into your space is by using upholstery nails and buttons.  With the resurgence of upholstered goods, these nails and buttons are abundant and becoming more creative in their uses.

Left:     Right:
Studs are now being used not only on upholstered items, but also on pillows, mirrors, drapery panels, bedding and wall treatments.  The buttons and nails come in many different shapes such as round, square, floral, and domed.  Sizes range from 9/32" to 15/16".  Finishes vary from brass to nickel and everything in between.  To add extra "bling" to your creations, there are diamond studs made of natural stone, faceted acrylic and even Swarovski Crystals!

 This beautiful cornice treatment used Bronze upholstery nails to outline its black detail and accent the metallic custom drapery hardware and silk fabric.

How can you incorporate "studs" into your room design?

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