Thursday, September 16, 2010

2011 Color Trends in Design

Ben Moore Color Wheel

Can you believe Fall is upon us? Fall allows us to flash forward into the new year with upcoming trends and decor. Color plays an important role in what we design and how we translate feelings of well being into our homes.

Benjamin Moore's 2011 trends in color relate to "Balance" and support four themes The Farm, Order, Escape, and Tribe. It is a search for balance in our lives, placing our priorities in order and "...sorting the Real from the Surreal".

Sherwin Williams 2011 trends encompass four themes "Purely Refined, Restless Nomad, Bold Invention, and Gentle Medley." Each one of these themes represent self expression and cover the gammet of design emotions.

Purely Refined creates an understated elegance with its color palette. These colors tend to be very streamlined and tailored in their design expression and create an atmosphere of timeless indulgence.

Restless Nomad is like a set of international spices gathered from exotic places all over the globe. It is an ecclectic color palette with both sultry and vibrant hues.

Bold Invention is our artistic expression from within. It includes neon and vibrant colors that represent our own "perfect world" of self expression and global influences.
Gentle Medley is a palette of light and airy colors that reflects innocence. These colors are subtle in hue and do not make bold statements. They create a serene and refreshing environment.

Color for 2011 is an expression of ourselves and how we paint our environment to encompass those emotions. Every design personality can be reflected with these new color palettes.

Try incorporating one of these fashion forward colors into your next design project! And, do not forget about the drapery hardware! Finestra provides custom painting services where you can use any Ben Moore or Sherwin Williams paint color on your decorative hardware. If you spec the color, we will paint the hardware to match your design vision.

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