Monday, February 7, 2011

Illuminate with Drapery Hardware

In the Middle Ages, all books were hand-written original works of art. These "illuminated" manuscripts were so called because of their frequent incorporation of gold or sometimes silver leaf onto the page. Illumination comes from the Latin word illuminare,
meaning “light up.”

Just as manuscripts illuminated a piece of paper during the Middle Ages, drapery hardware can light up a room of modern design. Long ago, these illuminations were available only to the wealthy and considered a luxury. Affording illuminate accents for your decor today have been made easy and accessible to everyone.

Finestra Square Pole in Gold Leaf with Bronze Square Rings

Rise above the Ordinary...

Illumination occurs when accent pieces are chosen wisely to coordinate with the design. The photo shown above is a perfect example of using drapery hardware to "light up" your design. As you can see, the bright gold leaf was not used on both the poles and the rings. This would have caused it to either fade away into the background or create a "bright light" detracting from the cohesion of modern design. Instead, this designer used the bright gold leaf with an accent of blackened bronze to tie the finishes of the room together, and to incorporate the varying textures and patterns placed throughout the room.

Other ways to illuminate your designs are through accents of furniture, lighting, fabrics, mirrors, and wall coverings.

When used sparingly, gold and silver leaf accents become conduits for illuminous texture.

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