Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's Black and White!

Match decor with handpainted finials by Finestra

Black and white are classic colors in design.  Today, they are important hues in adding texture and dimension to a room or window treatment.

Fur is a popular way to exhibit texture in white, black and the both combined.  Upholstered sofas, pillows, ottomans and floor coverings are all good canvases for the use of fur.

Patent leather has made a comeback on the fashion scene translating into home decor.  Both black and white patent leather are being used for it's modern, smooth and reflective surfaces.  Upholstered furniture like the chair above used chrome metal nail heads to accent the patent leather seat.  Clear vinyl is even used as the chair back to keep the reflective surface quality of the overall design.

White is crisp, clean and contemporary.  It has extraordinary uses as sculptural elements and accents such as the animal heads above.  The drapery finials below are also shown in a gloss white which create a clean surface for just the right amount of carving and detail to shine through.  

Architectural details painted in solid white or black can add dimension and depth to a space.  Light and shadows will reflect off of the detail to create an interesting visual play.

Try using black or white in your next design by paying special attention to the textures and drama it can add to a space. 

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