Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sales Tools on the Go!

Technology plays an important role in our everyday activities.  We schedule our business meetings, dentist appointments, kid's soccer games, birthday reminders and even store vacation photos on our smart phones, computers and tablets.  All in all, our lives have become accessible and cataloged through the smart devices that we carry.  They also make our lives more transparent around the clock in the way that we interact with people personally and professionally.

Are you using your smart device to the best of its ability?  Are you ready for business on the go?

The key to balancing it all: Organization!

  1. Separate your business photos, apps, etc from your personal ones.  Create separate folders on your tablet or smart phone for supplier catalogs, price lists, portfolio renderings, photos, industry publications, social media and design applications like ColorSnap , Color Capture, and myPantone.    
  2. Add live web links in a folder for suppliers, designers, workrooms, trade shows, etc that you favor. Obviously, these will only be accessible if you have an Internet connection.
  3. The most important!  Download current pdf catalogs, price lists, renderings, etc onto your device.  There are times when you will not have access to an Internet connection or a very slow connection while presenting to a potential client.  Downloading these files will save you time and keep you on top of your game for a fluid and professional presentation.  

Do you have all of the Finestra catalogs downloaded to your tablet or iPad?  Here is a list to add to your organized folders:

Post Live Web Links
Click on the topics below on your tablet which will take you to the link and Add them to your Home Screen.  From there, you can drag them in the appropriate folder.

Download Catalogs
Click on the topics below which link to the pdf files.  Either save the pdf file onto your computer and email or sync it to your device/saving it to your iBooks, or use a downloading tool like DropBox.com.
By using some of these easy tips, your tablet or smart device will become your most valuable sales tool on the job, not to mention a fabulous personal assistant.  With measurements, catalogs, renderings, web links, price lists and even color swatches, you will be one step closer to having all of your business resources at your fingertips and on to the eyes of potential clients.  

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