Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Creative Ways to use Aria Metal Hardware

Aria Metal Hardware showcases clean lines and contemporary brushed metal finishes.  It is perfect for both residential and commercial applications.  Outside of simply installing beautiful poles, brackets, rings and finials, there are other creative ways to use the metal hardware designs.

FM100/BN Glass finial in Brushed Nickel on 1460 Finestra wood hold back

One of the key design components of contemporary hardware is glass.  We offer both blown solid glass and crackle glass ball finials.  Recently, we had a customer ask us if we had blown glass hold backs.  She wanted to hang her panels from glass hold backs in a contemporary setting.  Since hanging drapery panels and tab top treatments from medallions are still very popular, we thought that this was a great idea and came up with a creative solution with the designs we already offer. 

The Aria line offers 9 brushed metal finishes for the finials.  You may choose from any of the 36 Finestra finishes for the wood hold back bases to accompany your glass ball finial.  If you are worried about matching the wood hold backs with the metal finishes, we have a solution for that too!  A very popular option is to finish the wood bases in the same color as your wall color.  With our color matching, you can choose from any Ben Moore or Sherwin Williams paint color.  This way the beauty of the glass shines through in your design and the bases become utilitarian and fade into the background. 

Solution for glass hold backs:
1.  Choose Your Glass Ball Design and Finish
FM107/ for blown glass
FM108/ for crackle glass
2.  Choose your hold back return and finish
1460 for 2" return from wall to base of finial
1460 plus 1461 for 4" return from the wall to
the case of the finial
3.  Attach the finial to the base and Install
The Finestra hold back attachment is easy to install with a back plate that screws of the base, attaches to the wall and then the hold back stem is installed onto the back plate.


Aria Metal poles shown in Brushed Nickel with Elbow FM402/ also in Brushed Nickel.
Inside Mounts FM401/ in Brushed Nickel shown to attach the pole returns to the wall

Another popular treatment are French Rods. With French rods, no finials are used and the treatment simply returns back to the wall. It is very sleek and would work well in spaces where you have no space for finials or even industrial applications.  It is easy to achieve this look with the Aria Metal Hardware!

French Rod Components:
1.  Three metal pole pieces in selected finish and length
Two small pole pieces are for your return, and one pole is for the length of your window span.  You will still need to support the span with the standard brackets FM400, so your return off of the wall is adjustable from 3.5”-5”.

2. Two Elbows FM402/ in selected finish.  One pair of inside mounts FM401/ in selected finish

Once your return pole pieces are cut, attach the elbows to each side of the long pole for the window span.  These return back to the wall at 90 degrees.

3.  One Pair of Inside Mounts FM401/
To finish the look and for added support, install the inside mounts to the wall and place your return pole in it. 
Then, it is complete!


Creativity is at your fingertips with Aria Metal Hardware and these simple steps! 
We love coming up with creative solutions to your design ideas.  Keep them coming!

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