Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dressing your Studio with Hardware

Sudio by Lauren Liess, Pure Style Home
Fabrics samples hung on drapery rods

Everyone loves an organized workspace!  These are the places whether inside or outside of our homes that we meet with clients and create beautiful spaces for a living.  It is a place where we draw inspiration from color, texture and pattern.  Out of these elements, fabric is a large part of this process and displaying it in an organized and visually pleasing manor facilitates creativity.

So, why not feature two important design elements in your studio for organization and inspiration?!

Aria Metal Hardware and Fabric

Create your Own Display
There are several ways...
1.  Install a French Rod made out of Aria Metal Hardware on your wall in desired length and use clip-on rings (FM201/) to hold your fabric.  This will allow easy access to your fabrics with a quick release of the clip-on ring.  This version works well with light to medium weight fabric samples.

2.  Install an Aria Metal Hardware pole with brackets, decorative finials, and clip-on rings to hold your fabric.

3.  Install an Aria Metal Hardware pole either like a French Rod or with decorative finials.  Place a small grommet (GR2/) on the corner of your fabric sample.  Next place shower curtain rings (ST18 or ST19) on the rod and open the clasp.  This will allow you to easily slip the grommet on the fabric swatch over the curtain ring and then snap in place.  When you want to remove it, unhook the shower curtain ring clasp and pull fabric sample off the ring.  This is a more secure way to hang your fabric and will support light to heavy weight draperies.

Organize and create inspiration in your studio today!

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